Hi, my name is Mark van Dijk.

I make Internet tech work for you.

I consult small and medium sized organizations, manage Internet servers, and provide DNS, email and website hosting solutions.

I work freelance. My proudest achievement is my work as the systems architect for the No Agenda Show.

Projects I'm proud of

Migration and redesign

Landscaping Website

The owner of Bevers Hoveniers was dissatisfied with his previous website. It was very generic, the images were stock images, he didn't know how to make changes to it, and he paid an exorbitant amount for its hosting - and when he wanted to migrate the website to another hoster, he was told that he had to pay extra to move the website he already paid for! So instead of taking that route, I migrated his domain to a much cheaper hosting platform, and built his website from scratch using some hints from his previous site. It turned out lovely, don't you think?

Technologies used include:

  • Domain and website migration
  • WordPress, theming engine
  • Third party extensions
Screenshot of the Bevers Hoveniers.


Platform Migration

For Sanctificium I executed a comprehensive migration of domain, DNS and email services, improving their online presence in terms of features and cost reduction. I deployed a new WordPress installation tailored to the customer's needs, integrating essential security measures, image compression, caching functionality, a dynamic theme engine, and payment and translation services. This is an example of offering a personalized and efficient online solution. My dedication to delivering a robust and adaptable digital platform underscores my commitment to digital security and client satisfaction.

Technologies used include:

  • DNS, IMAP and SMTP
  • WordPress
  • Third party extensions


Fr. Hugo Beuker: “Mark is technically skilled, friendly, and quick. What more do you need to know?”
Screenshot of the Sanctificium website.

Complete rebuild

Parish Website

The Saint Martin's Parish is a Roman-Catholic parish located in the city of Groningen, The Netherlands. Their old website was quite out of date. I volunteered to make a new one. I migrated most info from the old site to the new one, and am keeping the Mass schedule, the news page and other content up to date.

Technologies used include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • WordPress
  • BeTheme
Screenshot of the St. Martin's Parish website.

Longest Running Project

Systems Administration

Since 2007 I have the privilege of architecting a diverse range of solutions for the No Agenda Show. This includes the development of various iterations of the podcast distribution systems, intricate file synchronization mechanisms spanning multiple servers, and the adaptation of platforms to cater to both legacy and contemporary podcast clients.

I designed and implemented a robust 24/7 streaming radio platform featuring a seamless blend of pre-recorded and live content.

I facilitated the creation of a chat network and a comprehensive website hosting platform. These endeavors underscore my unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the No Agenda Show's multifaceted digital presence.

Technologies used include:

  • Linux administration
  • LiquidSoap
  • Dual stack IPv4/IPv6 multi-hosting
  • WHM hosting­software


Read the extended testimonials of Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak.
Screenshot of the No Agenda Show's website.

Contact me

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